The Corsair ( Lord Byron )

'O'er the glad waters of the dark blue sea
Our thoughts as boundless, and our soul´s as free
Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam,
Survey our empire, and behold our home!


Del negro abismo de la mar profunda
sobre las pardas ondas turbulentas,
son nuestros pensamientos como él, grandes;
es nuestro corazón libre, cual ellas.

miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Everybody is Friki (Berna)
There are people that when we talk of comic only imagine Batman, Spiderman and Naruto .... but you tell me about the cartoons we've been seeing in our children, all of them are animes or are based on a comic!

Who does not remember Heidi and Marco? Captain Thunder? or something more recent and perhaps we've seen more .....What was of Reena and Gaudi, Sakura cazadora de cartas, Digimon or the Family Grows ?..... is more, the more certainly we have seen DORAEMON!!

2 comentarios:

  1. When I was little, I saw Heidi, Marco, Card Captor Sakura, Doraemon and other series. Before I read a few mangas, but now I read more. I see sometimes Doraemon when I'm with my grandmother. I love Sakura. This is a wonderful blog.

    By Tania del Valle Muñoz

  2. oh! I love doraemon.When I was little I use to see with my brother.Althoug I now also see it hahahaah.
    But when I was little, I wanted to be like sakura, I wanted saved the world as she.
    I love your blog.

    By: Mercedes Plata Segura