The Corsair ( Lord Byron )

'O'er the glad waters of the dark blue sea
Our thoughts as boundless, and our soul´s as free
Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam,
Survey our empire, and behold our home!


Del negro abismo de la mar profunda
sobre las pardas ondas turbulentas,
son nuestros pensamientos como él, grandes;
es nuestro corazón libre, cual ellas.

viernes, 21 de enero de 2011


One of the comics I remember best is the Dragon Ball. This comic is well known by previous generations, but we also know when they left on Canal 2 Andalucía or perhaps by the recently made film and the cosplay ...... ajajjajaja ^ ^


Dragon Ball (ドラゴン ボール) is a manga written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama, and originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1984 to 1995, then being edited in 42 tankōbon by Shueisha.En Spain was published by Planeta DeAgostini between 1995 and 1998.

 Toriyama was inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West to create a Dragon Ball. The plot follows the adventures of Son Goku from his childhood to adulthood, a period which is referred basically a martial arts training, and explore the world in search of seven objects known as the legendary Dragon Ball ( "Bolas de Dragón" In Spain) which grant any wish to the wearer by means of a large flying dragon named Shenlong. Throughout his journey, Goku is made of several friends and faces a wide variety of villains, many of whom are also looking for the Dragon Ball to fulfill their sinister desires. - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes


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